About OSF

We specialize in supplying camera, lenses and grip equipment to the film, TV, commercial and promo industry from our office in East London at 3 Mills Studios.

All of our equipment is in immaculate condition; we recognise that this is paramount to your production. We can offer package deals and are happy to help with testing or to answer any technical questions you might have.

We can supply the latest digital cameras, including full frame, but we also have a good range of 35mm and 16mm film cameras as well. If you LOVE shooting on film we can help with the process from steady tests, ordering stock to getting the film processed and scanned.

Our specialty is lenses and over the past 15 years we have built up a significant collection of some of the rarest spherical and anamorphic lenses in the UK and most importantly the lenses are maintained in house; in good condition optically and mechanically. Its our investment in these lenses that allows us to work with your DOP to give your production an edge, with a specific look.

OSF would be more than happy to have you at the studios and take you through comprehensive tests to look at cameras and lenses, to build the right package for the shoot and budget.

For any help or advice please contact us.