Arri Signature Primes

With Roger Deakins choosing to shoot 1917 on Alexa Mini LF with signature primes we knew that this would be great set of lenses to have at Onestop. 

Arri Signature Prime offers a wide focal range with 1.8 aperture. The ARRI Signature Prime range is the first to showcase machined magnesium lens barrels, resulting in an incredibly lightweight and robust product perfect for Steadicam and gimbal work.

This lens set achieves a natural skin tone of the character. It also highlights the importance of the focused zone related to the unfocused one due to the creamy texture on this unfocused zone.

The Signature Prime has a magnetic support that can be added to the rear side of the optics. In this support you can use any type of cloth to be able to develop a creative touch in the image.

Signature Prime lenses are built with LPL mount. This type of mount allows you to create lighter and smaller lenses with greater brightness. Arri cameras offer the possibility of acquiring LPL frames for use with LPL lenses. For cameras of other brands such as Red and Sony, LPL camera mounts are also offered.

When using the Signature Primes on an Alexa Mini (S35 sensor) the focal lengths are the same equivalent lengths you’re accustomed to.  When shooting on large format sensors (Alexa LF, Sony Venice, RED Monstro) the equivalents are approximately 1.5X wider.  From a 24mm wide sensor (Alexa 2K) to 36.7mm sensor (Alexa LF-opengate), the multiplication = 1.529.  The exact number depends on which sensor and the area of the sensor you are using.  To calculate equivalent focal lengths use the following formula:

a = 2 * arctan(.5 * F / f)

 Aperture:Minimum focusing distance: Weight: