Renowned as one of the quietest synch sounds camera around, the ARRICAM ST is a full capability camera designed for operating both in the studio and in small spaces where minimal operative noise is key.

Built with all the basic functions of a studio camera, the ST also has an electronically adjustable mirror shutter.

ARRICAM ST Film Camera Includes:
ARRICAM ST Camera Body
ARRICAM ST Colour IVS Video Assist
1 x Data Module
1 x Dual Load Magazine Adapter
1 x Rear Load Magazine Adapter
3 x 400ft Studio Magazines
1 x ARRICAM ST Speed Control Box
1 x Heated Eyepiece
1 x Short Eyepiece
1 x Extension Eyepiece
1 x Arri BP-5 Bridge Plate
2 x 19mm Long Bars
1 x Hand held Rig
2 x Block Batteries

FormatSuper, Standard or Anamorphic
Forward Speed1-60fps
Reverse Speed1-32fps
Shutter Angles0-180degrees electronically adjustable
Movements3 or 4 Perf Available