The ARRIFLEX 235 film camera is small and lightweight, and as such is designed for use with Steadicam, car rigs and even a MoVI. Its small and robust build makes it a perfect camera to work in cramped and confined spaces.

ARRIFLEX 235 Film Camera Includes:
ARRIFLEX 235 Camera Body
ARRIFLEX 235 IVS Colour Video Assist
3 x 200ft magazines
1 x Short Eyepiece
1 x Extension Eyepiece
1 x Heated Eyepiece
1 x 19mm Studio Baseplate
2 x 19mm Short Bars
2 x 19mm Long Bars
1 x Shoulder pad
1 x Hand Held rig w/ Pistol Grip
4 x onboard batteries
2 x chargers
2 x Block Batteries


FormatSuper or Standard
Forward Speed1-75fps
Reverse Speed1-25fps
Shutter Angle45-180 Degrees manually adjustable
Movement3 Perf