4th Annual Short Film Competition


2019 has been an incredible  year at One Stop Films and we are so incredibly proud of some of the projects we have been involved in with our fantastic clients and we want to say thanks!

it’s the festive season and what a fantastic vintage year it has been…  We’ve added to our lenses this year so please take the time to check out our range on our website – The Meru anamorphic lenses being a real favourite not to mention our two extended TLS rehoused Canon K-35’s – also take a peek at the Caldwell Chameleon lenses…….!!!

As always we like to give back to the filming community and after the fantastic competition winner this year, with prize winner Beatrix Blaise and DOP Kate Reid BSC (you can read all about it in the BSC magazine) – this year we thought we’d mix it up again

It’s our 4th annual Christmas short film competition and it’s simple a three day package BUT for the first time we are doing it on 16mm a beautiful Arri 416 camera a full camera and 5 rolls of black and white stock, so your ideas need to suit that style.

Plus you get either a 2k or 4k scan and a full picture post for the winning short from our friends at Digital Orchard www.digitalorchardgroup.com


One Stop Films is trying to encourage people to get out there and shoot on film. We want you to sit down with your friends and come up with an idea for a short that is going to inspire us. Think outside the box, think about what devices you have available to you as part of your package… When choosing a winner, we are looking for creative originality and why would your short benefit from shooting on Black and white??? What would that add to your narrative..?


The Rules are simple;

By January 1st 2020 submit a one page synopsis of your idea and a one page description on how it will be achieved. Entries will be judged throughout January with the winner being announced on 1st February.


1/ You must live and work in the UK.

2/ The synopsis and description must reach us by January 1st. If you send us a script, or anything more than a one page synopsis and a one page description, your entry will not be included. They will not even be read, this is very important so please understand this rule needs to be followed.

3/ You must shoot your short within 6 months of winning the prize.

4/ You must supply your own insurance to cover the kit hire.

5/ Any equipment is subject to availability and at the managers discretion.

6/ If you use any grip equipment you must have a qualified grip working on your short.

7/ Only the camera and grip package will be supplied by One Stop Films – please ensure you have your own producer (!)


Send your entries to shorts19@onestopfilms.co.uk, with your name address and contact details – spread the love, tell your nan, your sisters or whoever is out there that you think might be interested in this competition, we’re on twitter and instagram, so if you’re sharing the love remember to check out #OSSFILM2020

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