Meru Anamorphics

All your favourite qualities about vintage anamorphics all wrapped up in modern lightweight housings.

They have a great close focus and they are ideal for Movi and handheld use.

  • Modern rehousing with vintage anamorphic fronts and Leica glass
  • Internal cam followers and hard stops.
  • Low geometric distortion in all lenses, no periscope effect and excessive edge blurs.
  • Lightweight housings, modern mechanics and amazing Image quality.

40mm T2.3Meru CCF: 3'4" 4.75" 4.25lbs 134mm
50mm  T2.3Meru MCF: 2'4"5.75"5.0lbs134mm
75mm  T3.0Meru M CF: 2'2"6.5"  5.5lbs134mm