COMING SOON – Weapon Currently Has The Dragon 6K Sensor

An 8K sensor, Pro-res recording, the lightest and smallest body yet, along with a complete camera overhaul helps you get the most from a RED camera easier than ever before.

The newest release has a lot of features that will push productions to a new level. The new sensor evolves the Weapon to an 8K camera with a vista vision size sensor. It has even better low light performance, will reproduce colour and shape to immense proportions and detail and is one of the most advanced sensors on the market.

Add also the prores recording options which record alongside the R3D files creating dailies in-camera, the automatic black shade calibrations and intelligent OLPF’s that communicate accurate colorimetry, the Weapon is an accessible camera to use on any project, taking a lot of work off of the crew.

The Weapon is the RED camera that productions have been waiting for.