The THALIA prime lenses offer a consistently cinematic look and feel throughout the range of 9 lenses from 24 mm to 180 mm with an image circle of 60 mm.

The lenses are incredibly lightweight and compact with a matched front diameter of 95 mm and are available in PL, LPL and XPL mount with Cooke/i Technology metadata contacts.

The unique always-round iris design creates a bokeh that is smooth, distinct and full of character.

And although these are not vintage lenses, the THALIAs offer many of the characteristics that have led cinematographers to pair older lenses with digital sensors. They are smooth, forgiving, and clear without being overly sharp.

Although the THALIA lenses are new lenses, they do offer many of the image characteristics that have driven cinematographers to pair older lenses with digital sensors.

They are clear without being overly sharp and focus is smooth and forgiving without looking soft. Skin tones are natural and smooth with accurate colour rendition.

Focal Length 24mm30mm35mm45mm55mm70mm100mm120mm180mm
Aperture3.62.9 2.62.9 3.6
Close Focus (ft) 7.8”1’8” 1’10” 2’ 11.7" 1’8” 2’4” 22.5” 5’
Close Focus (m)0.2 0.5 0.550.60.30.5 0.70.57 1.5
Horizontal angle of view "Super 65" 59.9 x 25.6 mm96.9º 84.1º 75.4º 62º 52.4º42.3º30.3º25.4º17.1º
Horizontal angle of view "Full Frame" 36 x 24 mm 73.7º61.9º 54.4º 43.6º36.2º28.8º20.4º17.1º11.4º
Horizontal angle of view "Super 35" 24.9 x 18.7 mm 54.8º45.1º 39.2º 30.9º 25.5º 20.2º 14.2º 11.8º7.9º
Weight (lb)3.133.313.08 3.213.612.34 2.56 3.663.57
Weight (kg)1.421.50 1.401.46 1.64 1.06 1.161.661.62
Length (in)4.9"5.2" 5.2" 5.2" 6.1"4.9" 4.9" 6.9" 6.1"
Length (mm)124.5131.5 131.5 131.5 154.5 124.5124.5175154.5