At One Stop Films we have been supplying the Jimmy Jib for TV and Film for over a decade. Light and strong, the range of the jib starts at 9ft and extends in 3ft sections all the way up to 30ft. The foot print required to work comfortably is 8ft x 8ft, but the jib can be used within a 6ft x 6ft footprint without problems. The jib can take most 35mm and digital cameras, easily flying a fully loaded Alexa package as an example. When shooting with 35mm cameras an LCS will is required to have control over the lenses. TV cameras can be self controlled through the hand unit.

While sturdy and strong, the Jimmy Jib is surprisingly lightweight and moveable. Rough assembly time are about 45mins from start to finish, depending on the choice of length. We like to send the jib out with an operator and assistant which means you have an efficient team who can move the around safely and competently.

There is an optional 4-wheel base allowing for use on standard Moy track. The maximum safe length while on track is 24ft, and a grip is always required when shooting this way.